Pastor Lin's Blog
May 7

Written by: Pastor Lin
5/7/2008 8:04 AM 

I am so very happy that our new office & Mosaic Cafe renovations are finally almost complete.  The past four weeks have been so crazy!  Now I remember why John and I haven't moved from our current home for the past 22 years---it's too much work--ha!

Our church is only 5.5 years old and I'm amazed at how much STUFF we've accomulated in that time.  Where does it all come from? The new office space is almost 3,000 square feet & yet we seemed to have filled it up very quickly!

We've been so busy in this move, I feel like I haven't had time to emotionally & spiritually absorb all that's happened recently.  Sometimes I feel like my whole job is to run after God as fast as I can!  He leads and I run as fast as I can to follow!

I was trying to explain to someone yesterday about how this new space came to be and what a miracle it was & I realized something for the first time.

The only way this could have all happened the way it did was that God put this plan for us to have this space (miracle) into motion well over 30 years ago.  Everything had to line up just right and it's too long to explain here, but it all began with a relationship that developed over 30 years ago.

How cool is our God?  That He was thinking of us & planning all this for us so very long ago?  I was barely a Christian 30 years ago.  Yet, He saw the future & He planned something so special for all of us!

I wonder what else He has PLANNED for all of us?

I can't wait to watch it unfold!  And I can't wait to continue the journey of chasing after Him. 

For such a long time it seemed it was He that was chasing after me.  Now, it's me chasing after Him---always wanting more and more of HIM!  How cool is our GOd?

To Him be the GLORY forever and ever! 

Jesus said He went to prepare a place for us in Heaven.  Right now, He is preparing that place for you and me!  I can't wait!  Thank you JESUS for showing us THE WAY to the Father!

STILL AMAZED at His Grace,
Pastor Lin :-)