Pastor Lin's Blog
Jul 8

Written by: Pastor Lin
7/8/2008 6:51 AM 

A week ago Sunday, eleven people took BHCC's membership class and all 'officially' joined our church at the end of the class.  That may be one of our biggest membership classes ever--halleluiah!

A week from this Sunday, we will be having a baptism / celebration at our home.  I know of at least 7 people who want to be baptized--and I'm praying for even more to come forward before that time.  There is no more exciting event in the church than these two.  Both are fruit of the work of the Holy Spirit in our church!  People are coming to faith & people are growing in their faith---praise be to God our Father--may all the glory be His forever and ever!!!

My brother was rushed back to the hospital emergency room last night.  He had been moved to a rehabilitation facility (nursing home) but had a set-back.  He is improving overall, but he has a very long road ahead of him.  Continued prayers are greatly appreciated!

I am very excited about John and Jen's upcoming wedding.  Jen is a very special, incredibly awesome lady & I believe God has brought the two of them together as part of His incredible plan of blessing.  It's clear how much both of them are in love with each other & I'm rejoicing that our son has found someone so amazing and pure in heart.  They're best friends & that is a rare and wonderful thing to find in this world! 

I have been praying much that BHCC would be able to pay Pastor John a full time salary SOON!  He continues to run his business to support himself, but all he wants to do is serve the Lord full time.  I know God will supply all that is needed very soon & I can't wait.  He has so much more to give the church & the people of this church will be greatly blessed when he is able to come on board full time!  Please pray with me! 

I can't believe the hard drive on my home computer died.  Joe put in a new hard drive for me but I've lost all my memory on my old one.  So many pictures.  And the new book I was working on---hundreds of hours & precious work all trapped inside my disfunctional hard drive.  It will cost me around $600.00 to retrieve it.  I'm praying about what to do...........

Looking forward to going camping in the Adirondaks next month!  Can't wait to have more time to get even closer to the Lord up there. 

Better get back to work...........Sunday's coming............