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Jun 10

Written by: Pastor Lin
6/10/2013 1:07 PM 

Hi Friends!

As most of you know, BHCC very recently started a brand new ministry called Family Focus Ministries!
Families that pray together, STAY together! That's BHCC's vision; to come along side of families raising children to support and EQUIP them to do spiritual parenting in Jesus' name!
Too often, parents depend on the pastors and leaders of the church to do all the spiritual parenting. This is not the way God intended it to be. Yes, we are here to help, support, come along-side, and EQUIP; but the best way for us to do that is by showing all of you how to help & support one another in in the journey of spiritual parenting.
This ministry will have many different phases to it as it develops and grows.
Phase 1 has just begun, but we need everyone's prayers, help and support!
Right now, we have a group of people meeting once a month to do spiritual parenting events together as a family.
We encourage single-parents, dual-parents, blended families and grandparents to bring their children & grandchildren to BHCC’s Family Focus monthly events.

The next gathering is an outdoor event THIS SAT. (June 15th) at 3pm at RIDGE PARK & PLAYGROUND (1000 Ridge Rd. in Webster - next to Webster Town Hall and Webster Police Dept.)

Look for BHCC signs in picnic area. We have planned projects, lessons and lots of fun for ALL AGES! We are opening this event up to parents and grandparents with kids from ALL AGES- from infants on up! We will have age appropriate activities that everyone can participate, so please come and support this new ministry! And help us get the word out to others!

Family Focus Ministries Mission/Vision
Our goal is to create God-honoring environments and activities that bring families together through events and experiences that encourage spiritual growth for the family unit as a whole.

Our mission is to provide resources and opportunities that help families grow closer together spiritually and emotionally; to build strong relationships of support with other Christian families at BHCC and beyond; and to provide resources that will enable parents to be more successful in spiritual parenting.
Thank you so much for your prayers, help and support! Together, we can make a HUGE difference in Jesus' name!
Let His Kingdom COME!
Serving Him Together with all of you;
Pastor Ln :-)

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