Pastor Lin's Blog
May 23

Written by: Pastor Lin
5/23/2013 7:23 PM 

It still feels a bit surreal having our Sunday place of worship (Loews Movie Theater) receive a 100% complete makeover recently. It actually feels like we're in a totally different building because it is so completely different than it was before. The seats are so comfy they're ridiculous--like I actually feel like they went way overboard! I mean, come on, motorized lazy boys? --that's crazy!

It is so nice getting the theater upgraded for sure--but the main thing is STILL the main thing and that's BHCC's mission of building a church that unchurched people will love! The nicer atmosphere only builds on oue purpose all the more. We want to make people comfortable so nothing gets in the way of their getting to know more about Jesus. We seem to be right on target with our mission too--most of the people who come to our church have not been to a church in a very long time--if ever! I love that since I too used to be one of thosr people!

The 'landscape' of our church seems to have shifted a bit recently. We have so MANY babies and toddlers and kids in general! It really makes our church feel so alive and full of life! I love it and I know God loves it too! We are growing and God is building His Church one by one. To Him be the glory!

Wasn't it great having a violinist play with our worship team last Sunday? Pray she will keep coming back!