Pastor Lin's Blog
Mar 25

Written by: Pastor Lin
3/25/2013 7:05 AM 

I LOVE Holy Week! I often experience the supernatural power of God at this time of year more than any other.

So much is happening at BHCC ~ I can barely wrap my brain around all of it!

The theater renovations have begun. We heard they just installed the new carpeting in the first four theaters that they are working on. They are right on time and hope to have the whole theater completely done by Memorial Day weekend. We have been moved from theater 11 to theater 1 which is even bigger. The tentative plan is that we will be moved again to the brand new renovated theater 12 on April 21st. WOW---so exciting!

We have no idea how the new looking theater will impact our church. We've often wondered if the fact that the theater was getting so run-down and not as cleanly as it could be has affected our rate of growth. We've been at the theater for six years now and God has more than doubled the size of our church in that time. Overall, we've had slow, steady growth--I consider that very healthy. Growing a church from scratch is not an easy thing to do with a female senior pastor in this area of the country.

Most of the people God brings us are from totally un-churched backgrounds. This is always exciting to me because they are the people I feel most called by God to reach. This also makes doing church together a bit more challenging as well. For one thing-unchurched people take a long time to develop the habit of coming to worship every Sunday. Even though they're committed to the church, many only come once or twice a month for quite some time. Also, so many people work on Sundays now and there are many kid's sports and activities happening. Because of all this, it's very challenging to build a church in this area but that is exactly what God continues to do at BHCC!

Recent Happenings at BHCC:

We are launching a brand new 'Family Ministries" at the Mosaic Campus on Sat., April 6th from 5-8pm. They will be having pizza and a Kid's movie! This ministry is for families (double or single parent, grandparents, etc.) with children ages 5-13ish. This is about the adults and children coming together to do life in Jesus' name! They are planning lots of great things for the future so come to the launch party and find out more about this amazing new ministires!

We had two miraculous healings in our worship service a week ago Sunday. It happened when Pastor John was praying that if anyone needed a physical healing, that they would receive it in Jesus' name. Two wonderful ladies got healed! One had extreme pain in her hip and another had pain in her knee for quite sometime. Both were healed in an instant! How awesome is that?

The worship team continues to grow and bless our socks off! We've recently had a few male vocalists join the team!

The worship team is also in the process of recording their first CD with all songs that they wrote-mostly by John. This is a complex project but it will be amazing once their done!

God has been providing some extra offerings for BHCC in a very unusual way. I am not a liberty to give details yet but will once the time is right. Very Cool stuff!

I am very excited to be getting to know some of the new people God has been bringing to BHCC recently. We have around 10 new people that have just started coming in the last 6-8 weeks and it's so exciting to have them at our church! Quite a few young people too!

There's so much more happening but I think I've shared more than enough for now! Can't wait to do our Good Friday Service this week---is always packed and very powerful! To Christ be the glory forever and ever, AMEN!