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Sep 17

Written by: Pastor Lin
9/17/2012 8:51 AM 

This past weekend was the last weekend of the summer! Come this Thursday, Summer is 'officially' over. Yesterday felt like the last day of summer to me so that made it a perfect day to spend boating on the canal with good friends! (Who also happen to be my church family as well!)

Like every season in Upstate, NY, Fall is a time of transition. Fall means getting back into routines. It means going back to school. It means going back to church. :-) It means changing our wardrobe to warmer clothes. It means the landscape around us changes. Making the transitions of the climatic seasons are relatively easy compared to adjusting to most of the other kind of seasons in our lives.

I mean think about it, life is constantly changing; even when it's in positive ways: Graduation, getting married, having a baby, getting a new job, becoming an empty-nester, becoming a grandparent, and retiring. Those are just a few ways we usher in brand new seasons in our lives. And those mentioned are the more positive, upbeat seasons. But there's other seasons too; harsher ones. Seasons like losing a loved one, losing a job, finding out you have an illness, divorce, depression, job loss, financial strain and on and on it goes. All of these can become intense time of  transitions as we try to accept, grieve, process and embrace the changing seasons of our lives.

Because all of us are going through one life transition or another, this is a hot topic for us to look at through the lens of God's Word. Life Transitions are a time when people can easily make mistakes and bad choices as a result of going through transitions. How do we make sure that we are following God's path for us in such times? How do we let go of how our lives used to be? How do we fully embrace a new season in our lives in ways that honor God and assure His blessings on our lives?  This is exactly what BHCC's Fall Open House Message Series will be all about.
Join us this Fall for a brand new message series called:

Trusting God in Times of Change"

Life is filled with continual times of transition and change. Some transitions may come about very suddenly, leaving us dazed and confused. Other life transitions, even positive ones, can make us feel disoriented, alone or unsure of what next steps to take. Please join us at BHCC for our Fall Open House Series and learn how to hear God’s voice and find your place in the midst of life’s frequent times of transition. You were not meant to be on this journey of life and faith alone.

It will begin on Sunday, Sept. 30th and continue for five Sundays until the end of October.

Even if you're not currently going through a life transition, maybe you're trying to help someone else get through one. Or maybe you will be going through one in the near future and it would help greatly to be prepared. Check out the individual message titles here!

Also, think about who you know that is going through a life transition right now. Maybe one way for you to help them is simply by inviting them to BHCC during our Fall Open House to hear this relevant, life-changing bible series called "Transitions."