Pastor Lin's Blog
Oct 28

Written by: Pastor Lin
10/28/2011 8:33 AM 

October is Pastor Appreciation Month!

Last Sunday, BHCC gave Pastor John and I an incredible gift! They flooded us with cards filled with words of love, gratitude & appreciation! They also gave us a much desired Keurig Coffee Maker (or hot chocolate maker depending on your preference!).

We greatly appreciate the Keurig, but there are no words to describe what the love-filled words mean to us! Words can have an amazing power, can't they? I love written words because you can read them over and over again!

I truly feel sorry for anyone who does not know what it means to have a church family.  They have no idea what they are missing. So many people see the church as a building or a place you go too and they don't understand that the Church is the family of God!

In fact, it's strange to me how many people from the community think that church at the movies means that we watch church on the big screen.  We've heard this so much that we're thinking of putting up signs that say: "Live Music!" "Live Messages!"  Apparently it's hard for people to conceive of church happening at a movie theater.  But that has everything to do with the fact that so many people think of church as a building.  It is not!

Church is the family of God!  It is the people and it is a house of prayer. I am so very grateful that the church was always God's plan for us. It's not organized religion. It's not a man-made idea. It's all about relationships, community, and just being God's family together!  I am so grateful for our family at BHCC!!!  Do you have a church family? Maybe it's time you found one and discovered what you've been missing!