Pastor Lin's Blog
Aug 14

Written by: Pastor Lin
8/14/2011 6:57 AM 

We're in the midst of planning our 2011 Fall Open House.  We've actually been planning it for quite some time but wow, here we are now in mid-August already!

It's a little funny to me that a church would have an 'open house.'  I mean, we're always an open house of course!  But for whatever reason, we always get a great response to these.  I think it sends a clear message that we REALLY want guests and visitors to come to our church. You would think all churches would be like that, but they're not.

My husband and I have visited many churches in the past who were not very warm and welcoming at all.  It almost made us feel like we walked into someone else's party and weren't really wanted.

That's why I'm so proud of the people at BHCC for sooo not being like that! Over and over again, I hear first time guests tell me what an awesome job we do in welcoming guests and making them feel comfortable and wanted!

I know the reason is because we are sincere in our welcoming!  We know we are on a mission from God and a big part of our mission is to welcome new family members HOME! I know our church isn't for everyone, and I'm totally okay with that!  The ones who are supposed to stay, stay! God is the one building this family and I love the fact that I get to participate in His redemptive work!  What an honor, what a joy!

Honestly, one of my favorite parts of 'doing church' is welcoming prodigal sons and daughters back HOME!!!  Fortunately for me, I get to do it ALOT!

Welcome home family members, welcome HOME!!! :-)