Pastor Lin's Blog
Aug 2

Written by: Pastor Lin
8/2/2011 6:52 AM 

It's amazing to me HOW MUCH has happened in just a little over a month!

17 people were baptized at BHCC on July 10th, 2011!!!

My mother went into an ICU in a florida hospital and I had to abruptly fly down there.  She's doing fine now, praise be to God, but wow, what a scary adventure.

Two days after returning from Florida, our family went to the ADK's for a 6 day vacation!  I flew home late Friday night, wrote a sermon on Sat., unpacked, repacked and left for the ADK's right after church.  What a whirlwind but oh yeah, we had an awesome time!

In the midst of all this, we found out that Bill has lung cancer!  Our hearts took a huge hit on that one.  But we are all walking in faith and expecting an awesome testimony and miracle to come out of this!

Last Sunday, we had five people take the BHCC 101 C.L.A.S.S. and become official members at BHCC.  Welcome home family, welcome HOME!!!

Oh, and this is just all the really BIG things that happened!  There has been this incredible spiritual momentum at BHCC that is totally amazing! God is the author of all of this and for maybe the first time ever, our church is even growing in the summer!

We are seeing marriages being saved, addictions being healed, and lives being totally transformed! A few of the newly baptized folks have told me, EVERYTHING has changed! I've been a pastor for a long time but not sure I've ever seen so many dramatic type conversions in such a short time as recently at BHCC!  The pastors and staff are doing the same thing we've always done, but God is choosing this time to pour out His power in staggering ways! Praise be to the God who was, who is and will always be Sovereign above ALL!

Can't wait to see what He will do next at BHCC!