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Sep 7

Written by: Pastor John
9/7/2016 11:15 AM 

The church may be in the best, most healthy place that it has ever been.  It's been an amazing summer with so many baptisms and families returning to church who haven't been around in a while.

We're just finishing our Fall mailer and I am really excited about it.  It's a little different than mailers we've done in the past but I'm looking forward to meeting all of those who will soon call BHCC their home.  Our open house begin the first weekend in October.

We're making a lot of small improvements like a new touch screen offering kiosk that will make it even easier to support BHCC.  We're also upgrading our children's ministry and we recently release a new version of our BHCC app.  Be sure to download it on the app stores if you haven't already.  It's a great way to watch services online and stay connected to what's going on at BHCC.

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