Pastor John's Blog
May 13

Written by: Pastor John
5/13/2016 9:46 AM 

I'm excited about the new series beginning at Blessed Hope CC this Sunday called, "Judgement Free Zone."

Before BHCC began, we attended many churches hoping to find just the right one where our family could worship God and serve Him together.  Sadly, what we found is that many of the churches we attended had become inwardly focused.  When churches become inwardly focused, they forget the mission that we're on to reach more people for Jesus.  Clicks form and people become concerned with their comfort zone and their sense of security than they do about sharing the Christ's love.  Their focus becomes preserving what they have.  Unfortunately, this creates an environment that is unwelcoming to visitors.

At BHCC, our vision is for a church that has God's love at the very center--a church where people feel welcomed and feel God's love for them from the moment they walk in.  BHCC is a place where you won't be judged because of your past or how you look.  It's not a church where you'll get dirty looks because your kids are making too much noise in church.  In fact, they probably won't be making as much noise as the pastor's kids!  And that's ok, because BHCC is a place where kids can be kids, moms can be moms, dads can be dads--where everyone can be themselves as we grow in Christ together.

Join us for this exciting new series as we share more about the vision of BHCC and take a closer look at how we should act towards one another.