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Sep 2

Written by: Pastor John
9/2/2011 3:44 PM 

It's just been a couple weeks since my grandmother passed away.  It has been a really tough couple of weeks.  Death reminds us of our own frail state of humanity.  When someone we care about dies, it reminds us that we too will someday die and we don't know how much time we have.

Death puts us face to face with the promise we have for eternal life.  This is something that we as christians believe and always have in the back of our mind.  However, it is in times like these when this truth cannot stay buried in the back of our mind.  It comes to the foreground.  It forces us to reconsider the hope we have in Jesus.  Our instinct is to mourn.  Mourning is healthy.  Yet we cannot allow sorrow to pull us away from God but rather serve as a reminder that we will one day be with Him!

If this promise holds true, if we really believe this, then this brings us to a place of celebration and excitement.  I am celebrating my grandmother's life because I know she is with Jesus.  We will certainly miss her but we will see her again!

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